I remember we met on tiny chat I think threw Christon. I haven’t really talked to you much, but I think you’re a nice person. :3 keep doing what you’re doing~


ew it’s you. You add me on snap chat but don’t even respond to my snaps :(. You’re cute, but I’m like 12 years old to you LOL. Oh and you suck for not listening to kpop. you also suck for not planning to visit me when you’re up here :( overall I hate you :D


I don’t know you that well, but I think you’re an adorable person! I like the cute little videos that you make hahah. And just a reminder, people will talk smack regardless of who/what you are. Don’t let the haters phase you :)


Omg hi Mr. Caramel macchiato legs HAHA. You’re so fab and you should make me some of those flower crowns because why not. I’m upset that we didn’t meet at pride last summer, but ITS OKAY. I liked the conversations that we had (^o^)